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Welcome to our Blog-Site.  We thank you for your interest in our ministry and encourage you to read through the articles and stories of our journey of faith and service to our Lord.

_DWG7097We hope and pray that you may be encouraged to join us in ministry partnership. We are only one part of this ministry.  It takes many financial and prayer partners to enable us to serve with MAF.  The work of MAF magnifies the effectiveness of so many other organizations that the results are manifold! If you are considering stepping out in service through missions or local ministry, we hope that our experiences will serve to inspire and embolden you.  Some of you may be wondering what all this talk about service and missions is all about and why anyone would want to travel and work half-way around the world when there are so many in need at home. Hopefully, as you tour though these pages, we can answer some of those questions as we share our faith and purpose.  One thing that we can say about our experience in Africa and Papua New Guinea is that the people we are serving are amazing.  There is a such diversity of culture, economic status, opportunity and education.  Some live in the most dire of circumstances yet there is an overwhelming attitude of better things ahead.  May the hope that the Gospel brings continue to give life to those whom we serve.

When we received news of our first posting and that we would be going to East Africa we needed to educate and inform ourselves. We watched the documentaries listed below. Each documentary can provide valuable insight into the current affairs in the East African region. Having an awareness about the people who have been displaced in and around Kenya will help to give a new perspective. Now that we have lived in Kenya and South Sudan, we recognize many of the situations and scenes in these documentaries and continue to recommend them.  Recently, we have added several more to the list that can inform you about Papua New Guinea and other nearby South Pacific nations.

WARNING: Watching these true life stories we promise you will laugh and cry, keep a box of tissues handy. You will also have a greater appreciation of Canada and other western nations. Living there is much different than in Papua New Guinea or much of Africa. Please know that you can bring hope to so many less fortunate than us by supporting our mission with MAF where we are both Flying for Life.  Please click here to make a donation.  Join us and be part of something bigger.

God bless you and thankyou for visiting us,

Michael and Judith


  • Sand and Sorrow (Sudan-narrated by George Clooney)
  • God Grew Tired of Us (Executive Producer Brad Pitt)
  • War Dance (Children competing for scholarships in Uganda)
  • The Devil Came on Horseback (Darfur and Nuba areas near South Sudan)
  • Shake Hands with the Devil (Rawanda)
  • Uganda Uprising
  • Mr. Pip (Bouganville Island rebellion PNG)
  • Black Harvest (Cultural challenges in PNG)
  • Ross Kemp documentary on PNG

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  1. This is great! I’m excited to be able to share in your journey. I love the blog and will be hoping to follow along with you 😉 Praying for you both!


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