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You may be asking a question that someone else has a concern with.

How safe is it for you to be working in Kenya and South Sudan with everything that is happening?

Judiths answer:  Canada is such a great country to be born into. Often we are not aware others do not have the same liberties we have living here.  Now with information so readily available over the news and internet “our safety” has been a concern from many family members and friends.

Kenya  is actually considered a relatively stable country. Because it is considered a safe haven this is also why there are so many refugees and internally displaced people fleeing to Kenya from adjoining countries. Kenya is like the centre hub for outreach to the many people in dire need, maximizing effectiveness and response to expanding needs and growing demands of the many people. 

An aviation career itself has risk associated with it. Mission flying has added stress when you consider that life and death can influence the decision making process of the pilot.

MAF has one of the best safety records in the aviation industry due in part to their “Standards Training Program”  that every pilot must undergo.   Through their training we are taught and learn to set proper priorities. Keeping eternity’s values in view, we must be realistic, know our aircraft limitations and understand our own limitations and humbly view ourselves as God does, prone to error.

The path that has lead us to here, our faith walk, began many moons ago. Words that have always comforted me thoughout my life have been “if God is with me, who can be against me?”. With a smile I say “our Boss has the best benefits package,  out of this world”. The faith walk is everyday.