Who is MAF

 Mission Aviation Fellowship is a Christian Organization whose mission 160x80_tanzaniawomanis to fly light aircraft in developing countries so that people in isolated areas receive the help they need. Originally started in 1946, MAF now operates from bases in more than countries; today MAF flies to more than 3000 airstrips worldwide, bringing hope and provision to the world’s poorest people.


P1010764 (800x601)Every three minutes, somewhere in the world an MAF airplane is taking off or landing…

MAF is providing flights and communications

for church and mission workers, as well as

humanitarian relief and development workers,

in places of deepest human need

-where flying is not a luxury, but a lifeline.

MAF works in close partnership with over 1,000 missions, providing flights and logistical support for their outreach to communities in developing nations. These missions include aid agencies, missions, relief and development organisations, government departments, local churches and other national groups. Their work covers healthcare, emergency relief, development and the bringing of God’s word.


We have been serving in Kenya and South Sudan.  The southern part of Sudan has been in dire need of humanitarian aid and MAF is able to provide practical and safe air transport for people and supplies to help the many tens of thousands of people who have been internally displaced due to civil and tribal conflict.

During our four year term we watched as countless thousands were displaced in South Sudan due to political instability and tribal fighting.  The message of Christ is needed now more than ever before.  The love of Christ is clearly seen at work as MAF supports hundreds of organizations who are working to bring sanitation, health care, clean water, medical treatment and basic education to a country that has little infrastructure or resources.  The lack of education places a burden on many organizations due to lack of skilled local workers.  Through our many partners, MAF helps support advanced education efforts, the training of nurses, doctors, school teachers and administrators who will lead the country into a self-sustaining future.



Types of flying by MAF in Kenya and South Sudan

Medical/eye team Clinics,

Community Development projects,

Teachers and students

Medical Emergency flying,




Bible translation, 



The following is an except from the MAF-UK website describing the history and activities based from Kenya:

MAF began flying in Kenya in 1959, initially supporting the work of Africa Inland Mission (AIM). Aircraft were flown across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda without the need for border permissions. The East African Community collapse in the mid-1970’s resulted in border controls being established.

In the 1970’s, AIM Air was established as a separate flying organisation. Soon there was duplication of flying services from Nairobi. Following an extensive survey of MAF’s work in East Africa, the Kenya operation was closed in 1977 and operations were transferred to Tanzania. The church had requested a permanent base in Dodoma and it was felt that AIM Air could adequately service the needs in Kenya.

With growing MAF operations in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), Sudan and Tanzania, there was an increasing need for logistical support and flights between bases and the Kenya operation re-opened. Larger aircraft were brought in to support the flying from this base.

Since 1980, our aircraft in Kenya have served the surrounding countries as permissions have allowed. Much of the flying has been directly affected by the collapse of infrastructure within the country and by political events in neighbouring countries. The Kenya operation is unique as it has a regional function, serving the neighbouring countries of Sudan, Somalia and the DRC as well as flying within country.


Below are some of the more familar organizations listed :

CARE,  Catholic Relief Services (CRS),    Child Care International,      Oxfam,
Christian Children’s Fund (CCF),   Salvation Army,      Samaritan’s Purse
Save the Children,    Sisters of Charity,    Team Work Ministries
UNICEF,     World Concern,    World Food Programme,     World Vision,
Adventist development and relief agency (ADRA), World Health Organization (WHO)
African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM)
Christian Mission Aid
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

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