Our Story

Michael and Judith were born and raised in Christian homes,

in very different parts of Canada.

st.john's harbour

St. John’s Harbour in background

Judith was born near the Atlantic Ocean in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She was aware of God’s leading early in her life but but it was not until she began researching her career possibilities, that she recognized flying as her vocation. She obtained her commercial pilot license and instructor rating in 1993. In 1998 Judith set off for Alberta enjoying a career as an instructor, air taxi and airline pilot.

hay bales near the rockies

The western edge of the Prairies

Michael was born on the prairies, in Winnipeg, Manitoba and ventured off to Calgary and earned his Private Pilot Licence in 1976. After a period working in sporting goods he determined a career as a pilot was his calling. Obtaining a Commercial Pilot License and ratings in 1988. Since then he has operated a successful flying school and air taxi service in Calgary, Alberta, Canada until entering service as a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Pilots in Christ

Michael and Judith were brought together through flying and faith while at Calgary’s Springbank Airport. Married on May 6, 2006, they have committed to serving the Lord together, as husband and wife according to His purpose. After serving in Kenya and South Sudan for the past four years Judith and Michael continue to serve God’s call putting their years of experience to use for His work.  Having completed our first four-year term with MAF, they are preparing to serve in Papua New Guinea.
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