Financial support of the ministries of missionary families is necessary to sustain the workers in the field.  For as little as $25-$50-$100 or more a month, with the average around $65 /mth, your pledge of monthly, quarterly or annual support will sustain them in their ministry.

As a “sender” it is possible to make a regular contributions to our support fund via credit card, debit card or VOID cheque.  Remember to include Dupuis as the missionary family or enter C432 which is our family project number.

Are you interested to understand how your ministry support is utilized? Click on the Dollars and Sense image near the bottom of this page to view how each ministry partnership dollar is put to work on your behalf.

Please consider partnering with us through our work with MAF. We have seen how the Gospel can change lives and transform communities.  Humanitarian aid alone will not bring about the lasting change needed for societies and communities to move forward in peace and harmony.  It is not until each person learns to “love his neighbour” that real peace and prosperity will be achieved.  Help us to continue spreading that great message while helping communities heal, learn and grow together.


Caravan and crowdMAF has been operating worldwide for more than 65 years.  Experience has determined the level of monthly financial support that will be needed to sustain the work of missionary families. Training, travel & logistical costs that are involved with placement in the field are part of this support.  This amount of financial support to be raised is the same for each family, regardless of the location of service. To meet the criteria specified by the Canadian Revenue Agency, funds are placed in a ministry pool which is used to support each missionary family. Education costs for children, health & medical care, salaries and housing costs are paid on a per family unit basis.

In most situations, only one family member is a pilot/AME or technical staff member.  A spouse may be involved in support roles and/or managing family activities. Judith and Michael are unique in that they are both pilots.  Ministry partners can be assured that the work being accomplished through their financial support of their ministry will be effectively put to use.  They will receive only a family salary even with two people flying.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things together. Please consider supporting our ministry through MAF by pledging a monthly gift or even a one time gift? There are several ways to become a financial partner in our ministry with MAF:

  1. Call us directly and we will be glad to take the necessary information and submit it to MAF Canada or USA.  Phone 254 0733 96 8775 or email us at
  2. To make a pledge via Credit Card, it is possible to make a secure donation through the MAF Canada website.  Click on donate, then fill in the requested information.  In Step 3 Use the pull-down menu and select Missionary Project Support. Remember to put C432 in the missionary project name field.  That is our family number c432 or specify our name when calling the office or completing the form.  Be sure to include your email address where prompted.  It is a necessary step in the verification process. You will receive an email notification to confirm the transaction is completed.
  3. By Mail:  MAF Canada is located at  164 Woodlawn Road W, Geulph, ON,  N1H 1B6. Please include your contact information (include an email) and indicate the pledge amount or one-time donation amount.  Cheque, money order or instructions for credit card may be included.  (Please do not send cash via mail)
  4. By telephone:  Please call MAF Canada at 1-877-351-9344.  One of the friendly staff will be pleased to help.
  5. US donors please call MAF US 1-800-359-7623 state support is to MAF Canada Program Project C432 or name Michael and Judith Dupuis
  6. Contact us by email.  We can arrange to call or mail one of our prayer cards with a mail-in section with the various ministry partnership options.

Be the change you want to see in the world….

dollars and sense

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We thank-you for prayerfully considering joining our ministry support team.  Click HERE to donate on-line

MAF Canada is a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a registered charity and will provide tax receipts.